Oh, Humaniplex

hlc_knowledgeThere is a website by the name of humaniplex.com where I got my start in the hooker world.  It was unbeknownst to me when I first started to think about this line of work but I stumbled upon it and it was a very good place to get my feet wet.  I was sitting in my bedroom exploring the adult section of Backpage and came across an ad by the likes of “Be your own boss, make good money, work for yourself…”  I originally thought it was an ad to shoot porn (which sparked my interest as well) so I emailed the contact person.  We ended up meeting at a nearby Starbucks and he showed me Humaniplex.  I was intrigued!

I suggest creating a profile on this site and starting your journey.  Every guy has a profile page with all the grrls he has seen in the past.  You can message them directly and ask about the guy if you like.  They go by a level and rating system.  The level corresponds with how many people you have seen.  5 is the max.  After seeing a guy, you rate him as safe and he does the same for you.  This creates a community of checks and balances.  A few guys and grrls have a red “negative” rating because of an indiscretion or bad experience.  This deters some people from contacting them, so always remember to be kind and respectful!

You have the opportunity to upload albums.  Both free and private.  Private albums require the men to purchase them with “points.”  This website runs on a point system.  You purchase points in bundles at a time and use them to run ads and upload pictures to your albums.  I suggest having a handful of tasteful pictures, with no nudity, in the free album and some topless or implied nudes in the private albums.  This gives somewhat of a tease to the consumer and leaves them wanting more.

You run an ad in the city you are working in.  This is all up to you, so you can do incall as well as outcall or just one of them.  I suggest working in hotels and only leaving a personal space open to the most trusted clientele.  The highest volume area is Orange County, followed by Central Los Angeles then San Diego.  I would start with Central Orange County, near Costa Mesa.  I would put up an ad for the week and refresh it every day you are working.

Another cool little thing on this site are the clubs you can join and the lunch socials.  It is a great way to get in touch with other working grrls and meet potenital clients.  They have lingerie parties as well as normal, casual lunch socials at different restaurants.

It is a great place to start and build a client base.  The average rates on this site are 300/400 for the hour.  Some grrls charge a little more at a lower volume rate.  It is entirely up to you.  Do you want high volume at an average rate or lower volume at a higher rate?

Be safe and have fun!

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  • MyTwoCents

    I’ve used this site as a client. It is comforting to be able to see that the person you are contacting has had other legitimate clients before. As all of the ratings are logged back to the rater, it is usually easy to contact a client who has seen a provider before, and to get feedback on the safety, and on the experience.

    For people new to the site, it’s best to resist the temptation to make posts on the various public blogs until you have read them for quite a while and seen the way others approach them. New users – especially new female users – often are the targets of bullying by the 20 to 30 regular writers.

    A major no-no is to post explicit information in the public blogs or in the public portions of the individual profiles. User’s accounts might be terminated without warning for those violations.

    You should also take care when publicly complaining about other individuals. It seems relatively easy to become blacklisted.

    A frequent mistake is to assume that a higher level rating might make someone more safe. This isn’t by any means true, and the level 5’s have, at times, been the worst predators. However, seeing that someone has a level 1 or greater gives some confidence that they are at least “in the business” rather than undercover cops, etc…

    New users should also register right away for the newbies club, currently called “n00bz.” There is a lot of information there worth reading, including many ideas on safety.

    The price ranges that I have seen are much wider than indicated by the OP. While there are a few charging well beyond $400/hour, there are many providers with rates at $200 or even less. Like it or not, the people of color almost always have lower rates.

    As for what to post in the photo albums, men have greatly varying tastes. People complain frequently about fuzzy, very small, or otherwise unclear images. I believe that most men would like to see at least one or two full body images, as we all have different tastes and are unlikely to book an appointment with someone if they don’t match our taste or beauty standard. This is true for all sites, of course.

    One additional comment about Humaniplex: While there are probably a large number of independent providers, for some reason the majority of Asian women on the site are marketed by others. These generally feel very shady – more like trafficking. I have always avoided any contact with people like this.

  • Shawn Page

    has anyone tried Xpress Page yet? XpressPage.com is also a great place to find what you want.