Listen Up Ladies!

This one’s for all the ladies out there.  You know who I’m talking to... You!  Listen up please.  There are more and more grrls getting into the “game” than ever.  I understand the reasons grrls get into the “game” and there’re many of them, but you gotta be smart more than anything.  Its NOT as [...]

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Safety is About More Than Condoms

Okay, condoms are super important. Super important for everyone to have a safe fun sexy time but client and provider alike should be aware that they are not the end all be all of playing safe. You've got other appendages and orifices that may be interacting with one another. Let's talk about oral sex first. [...]

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Think Big Picture

Another basic rule and thought I have for everything... life or work... THINK BIG PICTURE!  Remember this profession is a business and not your whole life.  It is NOT who you are, but what you do right now.  Most likely its just one chapter of your life.  Most likely you will write many chapters in [...]

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