10 Simple Tips

I’ve talked to many grrls about their private lives, about the business of sex work and I’ve heard a lot of stories that are truly stranger than fiction.  In all of the stories I hear some of the same things.  My conclusion... Its ALL about business and the grrls that treat it that way have [...]

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Being a Gracious Outcall Appointment Host

Sometimes you as a client may prefer that the provider come to you than you go to their location. Very often this involves a hotel. As you are the host of this particular appointment it is important to keep a few things in mind that will help ensure a good time is had by all. [...]

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Communication is Everything

Here's a few tips to help make a session go nice and smooth for everyone involved. They basically boil down to communicating clearly and frequently, but then, in the end, what doesn't? Cleanliness is a big deal for everyone involved. Providers should ensure that they are freshly clean and that hair is tamed to the [...]

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