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What the fuck is this website all about?
HookerLifeCoach.com is NOT a how-to-website for grrls who want to be an escort/provider/hooker. Its NOT a website for you to find a hooker either. Our mission is simple, to help grrls be smart and make the right decision in their adult careers. Any grrl that comes our way, we’d like to give them all the advice and tips in our personal encyclopedia to better inform their choices.

What is a Hooker?
According to the Urban Dictionary… “A woman who is wise above others in the art of sexual satisfaction and love. In ancient times, these women were considered to be priestesses and were given their own temples where they could teach their art to others for a large sum of money. These women were highly respected and cherished for their extensive knowledge of lovemaking/giving, and their spiritual understanding.”

Who is the Hooker Life Coach?
Like PornStarLifeCoach.com, the life coach is me, you, and everyone who contributes to this site! We hope to learn and grow from one another.

Can I hire the Hooker Life Coach as my personal mentor?
No, because you can NOT afford our coach. ;-) Seriously, there is no one to really hire since we are ALL the life coach.

How does The HookerLifeCoach.com relate to PornStarLifeCoach.com in the Juliland Universe?
They’re best friends and they do hang out every Friday night at their favorite bar in Beverly Hills. They share advice, opinions and stories with each. They also love to watch Game of Thrones together.

How often will the site be updated?
As often as we can, but at the same time as often as you help us. This is gonna be a team effort and together we will share advice, stories and opinions.

How do we choose the kind of content that’ll be posted on the site?
HookerLifeCoach.com chooses the content based on how well the content informs and helps our visitors. That being said, the final decisions are decided on by Avery, Chantal, Chad and our grrls. Team work, baby!

If I need some advice, who should I contact?
You can send your questions to info@hookerlifecoach.com. We always LOVE to hear the thoughts, concerns, and suggestions from our readers.

Can I hire a grrl through HookerLifeCoach.com?
NO! I told you that in the first question! Our job is to educate & inform, not help you get laid. If you’re reading this, then you probably already know how to do it and if you don’t… Educate yourself!

Do we promote illegal activities?